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Why this Cookbook? You have made the right choice in buying this cookbook if you: • Are having trouble finding healthy desserts in the market. • Are diabetic and crave for the delicious, mouthwatering desserts and yet you cannot eat one, then why not eat desserts that are diabetic friendly. Do you know that, contrary to what the doctors might have told you, you do not need to stay away from sugar, you just need to watch the portion! • Are weight conscious, sugar is a big “no, no!” But, you will love the desserts ideas from the book which allow you to indulge without the guilt! • Are busy but want to be healthy. You will be pleasantly surprise to find how easy and quick the recipes are in this book. A Goal to Achieve Satisfying the sweet tooth can be easy, even if you need to watch your sugar intake. If you are looking for store bought healthy desserts, you can forget it! You have no control over the amount of sugar they put into the desserts. One solution is making your own desserts, so that you and your family can enjoy the desserts and stay healthy! Terrance Hutchinson CFNS


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25 Irresistible Healthy Desserts Recipes You Can Indulge Paperback

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